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Plan and Pricing Changes (June 2023)
Export ZonGuru Tool Data To CSV
Can I Add My Business Name To My ZonGuru Invoice?
Can I Add My Address Or Tax ID To My ZonGuru Billing Account?
Payment Methods
Understanding ZonGuru's Refund Policy
How To Make Changes To Your ZonGuru Plan
Does ZonGuru Work For Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?
A Niche Picked Just For You
Understanding Your ZonGuru Metrics Email
Update Your ZonGuru Email Preferences
How Do I Reactivate A Canceled Subscription
ZonGuru Plans Explained: Researcher Plan vs Seller Plan
How do I renew my ZonGuru subscription?
Emerging Market Search Criteria
ZonGuru Subscriptions
How do I invite a user into my ZonGuru account?
Does ZonGuru Offer 1 on 1 Training?
Halo Effect - How do I rank for competitive keywords?
How Do Sessions Work?
Amazon Postal Address Matches the Marketplace You Are Searching In
How Do I Navigate The Sidebar Tool Menu and Add Tools To Favorites
How to Connect A 2nd Region to Advertising
Your Account Privacy & Data Security
Renew ZonGuru's Access to Amazon Seller Central
Adding Extra Tools, Session or Marketplaces to your Subscription
What currency is my Zonguru subscription billed in?
Where are the Free Tools?
I need help logging in.
How to change your email address
How do I connect my Amazon Seller Account MWS to ZonGuru?
Where can I find copies of my ZonGuru invoices?
How do I modify or change my subscription level?
What marketplaces does ZonGuru support?
How do I add an email address to receive notifications like Product Monitor alerts?
How many marketplaces can I connect to?
ZonGuru Badges Flow: Becoming a ZonGuru