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How to Connect A 2nd Region to Advertising
How to Connect A 2nd Region to Advertising

How to troubleshoot the "start advertising to connect" error when trying to connect your second region to ZonGuru

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Having trouble connecting your second region to your ZonGuru account?

A common issue we've seen is using the same exact email address for all your Amazon accounts in different marketplaces, since you need to use the "Login with Amazon" link to access the Advertising API and it has a limitation if you are using the same email for different accounts in different regions.

This mainly happens when you are using one email address to log in to an account in to the North American region (NA = US, CA, and MX) and an account in the European Region (UK or EU = ES, FR, DE and IT) or Australian Region (AU).  The Login with Amazon authorization mechanism doesn’t support authorizations for EU,AU and NA accounts by using the same email address.

The work around is this

  1. Create a new free seller account with a email that is not connected to anything, make sure its the free version not the pro seller.

2. go to Seller Central and log into your main account that is connected to USA currently, and make sure the dropdown says USA

add your new seller account details into your existing user permissions

click manage permissions next to your new email (step 7 from above)

open a new incognito window

sign into zonguru and connect to 2nd region advertising 

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