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Emerging Market Search Criteria
Emerging Market Search Criteria

What should I consider before researching in emerging markets? What metrics are important for Australia and UK?

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ZonGuru is the FIRST seller platform to be fully optimized for USA, Australia, and Europe!

If you’ve ever thought about launching or expanding into these emerging markets, now is the time! This is your chance to get ahead of the competition with key insights that other sellers simply don’t have access to.

What should you know before starting product research?

It's important to note that every seller will have different business goals. Before you start product researching it's important to consider the following:

  • What is my launch budget?

  • What is my appetite for risk?

  • What are my profit/revenue goals?

  • What is my long-term business objective? ie, sell vs grow.

Emerging markets present a massive opportunity for Amazon sellers. It is much easier to rank on page 1 and the launch budget is often a fraction of the cost. However, emerging markets don't have the same quantity of buyers making the search volume and revenue much smaller than the USA. These are important issues to consider when deciding on the perfect market for your product.

What metrics are recommend for emerging markets?

We recommend the below as a starting point for Australia and UK markets:

  • Ability to differentiate - niches with low variety where your product would stand out on page 1.

  • Poor competitor listings - low-quality competitor listings, photos, and limited A+ content.

  • Future niche potential - look to the USA to assess future niche growth potential.





Sale Price


> $25

> £20

Search Volume

> 2,000

> 1,000

> 1,500

Av. Ratings

< 1,000

< 500 *

< 500 *

Av. Monthly Revenue


> $5,000

> £5,000

Niche Score

> 55%

> 50%

> 50%

* Amazon will combine ratings across marketplaces so you may find USA products appearing on emerging market search results. This can distort average rating counts. Follow our Pro Tip to filter out internationally fulfilled listings. Generally, most buyers prefer local market fulfilled primed results.

Pro Tip: Ensure you are using a postcode that matches the market you are searching in. You may also want to filter by local market prime fulfillment to remove internationally fulfilled products which can distort data.

If you have any questions on the above please reach out to

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