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Update Your ZonGuru Email Preferences
Update Your ZonGuru Email Preferences

How do I change what emails I receive from ZonGuru? Can I change the frequency that I receive emails from ZonGuru?

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We don't think there is a one size fits all solution for Amazon sellers.

Depending upon where you are at in your Amazon journey we will provide tailored email content to help you unlock the full power of the ZonGuru tools and reach your business goals sooner.

Can I change how often I receive these emails?

Absolutely! You have full control over the timing of each email. Simply go to 'Notifications' under your settings menu and select your preference. You can change this to daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all.

Can my business partner also receive these emails?

Yes, you have the ability to add additional emails from 'Notifications' under the settings menu. Click 'Add new' and enter the second email address and select which emails you would like sent to the second email address.

Please note, you will need to purchase a subscription add-on to increase the number of email accounts for notifications. This is an 'Additional Alert Email' add-on and is $10 per month for 5 additional email accounts. You can make changes to your plan here or just reach out to support and we'll set this up for you.

If you have any other questions please drop us a line at

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