Firstly, welcome back! 🤗

We are thrilled to see you again and have made it very simple to reactivate your canceled plan.

If you are using an email address that has previously been registered with ZonGuru, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to ZonGuru here

    1. If you can't remember your password you can reset this here.

  2. Navigate to Credit Card under your settings menu. Make sure all your payment details are up to date.

  3. Navigate to Subscription under your settings menu. Click change my subscription and select your preferred plan.

  4. Once your preferred plan has been selected, click change my subscription to lock in the offer.

Pro Tip: If you're signing up via a special event offer please notify the support team once your plan has been reactivated for bonus goods. Please note, special event offers generally require an annual subscription.

Voila! You're back on the ZonGuru team.

Of course, if you have any questions or require assistance with the above please reach out to

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