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Renew ZonGuru's Access to Amazon Seller Central
Renew ZonGuru's Access to Amazon Seller Central

How to renew ZonGuru's Access to your Seller Central Account when Amazon sends you a reminder email.

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Periodically you will receive emails from Amazon asking you to renew authorization of ZonGuru to your Seller Central account. They will be similar to the email below.

"Action is required by you to renew your authorization to enable software applications from ZonGuru-App to access your Amazon selling account on your behalf using Amazon Marketplace Web Service. This might impact your Amazon integration, including your Amazon Pay integration if you have one.

For your security, we periodically contact you to confirm that only software application providers with whom you are actively working are allowed to access your Amazon selling account data on your behalf."

To Renew Authorization

1. Log in to Seller Central and click "Settings" then "User Permissions".

2. Scroll down and click 'Visit Manage Your Apps'.

Scroll down until you view the line for ZonGuru Pte Ltd and click 'Renew'.

3. Tick the authorization box and click 'Login to ZonGuru now'.

4. You will automatically be redirected to the ZonGuru platform and the connection will be renewed for a one-year period.

All done!

Pro tip: You can jump directly to step three by clicking on the 'renew' link within your ZonGuru connect tab.

If you have any questions please reach out to

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