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Frequently asked questions when subscribing to ZonGuru. Help, I don't know which plan to choose? What is a SKU? Is my data safe?

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What currency does ZonGuru use for billing?

We are a US-based company, all of ZonGuru’s prices are in USD.

How many marketplaces can I connect to under my seller plan?

All ZonGuru plans include access to North American, Australian, and European market data. There is no additional cost to research in these emerging markets! Our Seller plan includes Seller Central connection access to one marketplace.

Keep in mind you can connect to multiple Seller Central marketplaces at any time by purchasing a 'Connected Regions' add-on.

Which marketplaces are supported?

ZonGuru currently supports North America, Australia, and European marketplace connections with many more on the way!

How do the ZonGuru plans adapt to my changing business needs?

To better support your needs your ZonGuru subscription will scale as your business grows. When you outgrow your plan we automatically bump you up to the right subscription level so we can best support you and prevent any service interruptions. Don’t worry, there are no costly overage fees and we don’t pause your service.

Likewise, we will adjust your account to the appropriate subscription plan if you find you scale back your business. Our pricing plans work with you as your business needs change, giving you flexibility when you need it and continued support as you grow.

We use the number of active SKU’s (SKU’s which have made sales in the past 90 days) to determine the most appropriate ZonGuru plan for your business and adjust your subscription accordingly.

What is a SKU? What is an active SKU?

An Amazon SKU is a unique alphanumeric code used to track a product for inventory and sales purposes. Each individual product variation is allocated a different SKU for tracking purposes.

We use the number of active SKU’s (SKU’s which have made sales in the past 90 days) to determine the most appropriate ZonGuru plan for your business.

Can I change my subscription plan during my trial period?

You have the ability to switch between a seller and a researcher plan at any time! To switch your plan type, simply visit ‘subscription plan’ under your ZonGuru profile. From here you can view our package options and select which is right for your current Amazon business needs.

What support and training does ZonGuru offer?

Our support is best in class. With 24/7 chat support you know you can reach us anytime. The best part is that our support team consists of actual Amazon Sellers. So, not only can we help you with your ZonGuru needs, chances are we can help with many of your Amazon Business needs as well.

Once you’re a member you’ll also unlock industry leading training like weekly live academy sessions and recordings, case studies, product research materials and much more.

How accurate is ZonGuru’s data?

It is our mission to bring you the most accurate information possible so that you can be confident and make data-driven decisions about your business. As an Amazon trusted 3rd Party Software we leverage unique data points.

Plus, many of our developer all-stars are sellers as well, which means every single tool and feature they create is built through the eyes of real sellers … not pretenders.

Help! I don’t know what plan to choose!

We’ve made choosing a plan simple. Looking for your 1st product? A Researcher plan is right for you. Already selling on Amazon? Simply choose the Seller plan that fits your SKU level.

What about Monthly versus Annual? Monthly is best for those who are not quite sure yet and just want to test out this Amazon thing. Annual is for Sellers that are committed and are going to follow through with their business; plus, they probably realize the 30%-60% in savings will come in handy.

If you ever find that you need some extra tools as your Business grows we also have Add-On options that allow you to individually upgrade tools as needed.

Is my data secure with ZonGuru?

From a software standpoint, our servers (both web and database) are located in the US and all data is stored there. Our team of developers have a combined many decades worth of experience in data security and the best industry protocols to ensure there are no cracks in our firewall.

‍Plus, strict non-disclosure agreements ensure that your Intellectual Property stays private. We do not and will not EVER share any of your personal information with 3rd parties as outlined in our privacy policy. And our perfect track record of zero data breaches since the company’s formation proves that.

Tell me more about the free trial please.

To access the free trial all you need to do is choose the subscription level that is best suited to you.

You will then have 7 days to test the ZonGuru platform free of charge no matter what level of subscription you have chosen. You can cancel at any time before the end of the trial to avoid being billed.

This is a great time to interact with our support staff if you have any questions so we can fast track your learning. After the 7 free days is up your first payment will be processed and your subscription will begin.

If you decide ZonGuru is not for you, cancel your account within the 7 days and there will be no charge made to your account.

Can I invite other users to access my ZonGuru account?

As your Amazon business grows you may find the need to hire others and give them access to your ZonGuru account.

You may purchase an 'Assistant Accounts' add-on at any stage which will allow you to invite others into your file and even customize which tools they can access.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to for a fast reply!

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