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A Niche Picked Just For You
A Niche Picked Just For You

Struggling for product inspiration? We'll pop into your inbox with regular product suggestions and even possible souring options.

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Are you struggling with product inspiration?

Let us help you. We'll drop into your inbox with unique product ideas just for you. To help you assess the niche we will provide an overall niche score as well as individual metrics for buyer demand, competition opportunity, investment requirement, and revenue potential. The higher each score the greater the opportunity the niche presents. To find out more about the niche score and its components click here.

In addition to the niche score, we also provide the monthly search volume, estimated launch budget, average revenue, and the Amazon selling category. If the niche sparks your interest we even include a suggested supplier so you can get insights into the product cost and maybe even start a chat.

Pro tip: You have full control to change the frequency of your personalized niche suggestions. Please visit your settings within your ZonGuru login to update. You can choose to receive niche suggestions daily, weekly, or monthly. Click the button below to find out more.

If you're not currently a ZonGuru subscriber we invite you to try the powerful ZonGuru seller tools free for 7-days and gain access to personalized niche suggestions just for you!

Of course, if you have any questions just reach out to the team at

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