ZonGuru provides two tools which make light work of review requests: Email Automator and Review Automator. The strategy that is best for your Amazon Business will depend upon your preferences and business type.

We also encourage all sellers to take a proactive approach to TOS changes and regularly check in and self audit to eliminate the risk of noncompliance issues surrounding review requests.

Review Automator

- The Review Automator bulk messages buyers within the Seller Central platform to request a review. The message format is standardised and can’t be changed, however this clever tool will automatically filter out any customer orders who might leave you a less-than-5-star review, such as: ineligible orders, pending orders and refunded orders. Learn all about it HERE

Email Automator

-The Email Automator tool acts as a communication channel between buyer and seller. A benefit of using Email Automator to request reviews is the ability to customise your message, pre-set the preferred message delivery window as well as track email open rates. This really is a super flexible tool that even allows you to create multiple email templates for different products or regions!

As always, if you have any questions please reach out to our helpful support team at support@zonguru.com.

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