Download the ZonGuru Chrome Extension if you don't have it already. CLICK HERE!

Navigate to your Seller Central Orders page once you have the Extension. CLICK HERE!

Why Use ZonGuru's Review Automator?

Never miss an opportunity for a 5-star review with automated review requests!

Review Automator lets you easily send your customers bulk review requests that are in complete compliance with Amazon’s TOS, all within the Seller Central UI. Make sure you never miss the chance for a 5-star review with ZonGuru's Review Automator.

Check out how it works below:

Ready to Use Review Automator?!

If you have the ZonGuru Chrome Extension already:

Then what are you waiting for?! You're ready to use the tool. Simply navigate to Seller Central "Manage Orders" in the marketplace that you sell in and find the Request a Review buttons! Remember, this tool is supported in all North American, European, and Australian marketplaces!

If you do not have the ZonGuru Chrome Extension already: 

Head over to our the Chrome Store and download our Chrome Extension (already included in your active ZonGuru subscription). Once you have the extension downloaded you'll want to log in using your ZonGuru credentials and then you're ready to use the tool! (see the instructions above to continue)

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