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Review Automator - Everything You Need to Know
Review Automator - Everything You Need to Know

How to use Review Automator to increase your rating count. When will my review requests be sent? What do review requests look like?

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What is Review Automator?

Review Automator does exactly as its name suggests, it automates your review requests! With a click of a button, ZonGuru will start sending your buyers’ review requests that are in compliance with Amazon’s terms of service.

Once Review Automator is switched on it will work tirelessly in the background automating the entire review request process. You don’t need to open Seller Central or action the tool each month, it just gets to work saving you time and boosting your reviews.

Never miss an opportunity for a 5-star rating again!

What are the requirements to use Review Automator?

Review Automator is included on all ZonGuru Seller Plans. You can find the tool under the Customer Engagement menu.

You must have an active MWS connection for this tool to work. For more information on how to connect your Seller Central account to ZonGuru click HERE.

Is it safe to use Review Automator?

Yes! ZonGuru uses Amazon’s own review request template and is 100% terms of service compliant. This is the safest way to boost your review count!

Which buyers will rating requests be sent to?

Review Automator is a very clever tool that will automatically filter out any customer orders who might leave you a less-than-5-star rating, such as: ineligible orders, pending orders, and refunded orders.

All other buyers will receive an Amazon-compliant message requesting a review.

What does the review request look like?

The email template is created by Amazon and can’t be changed. All Review Automator messages are sent from an Amazon email address and automatically translated into the buyers native language.

The email looks very similar to the below:

When will buyers receive a review request?

Review Automator will only send review requests once sufficient time has passed and the order has been delivered. Reviews requests will be sent approximately 5-7 days after delivery to ensure your buyers have enough time to open, use and enjoy their purchase!

Which marketplaces does Review Automator work in?

Review Automator integrates with all marketplaces that have a MWS connection.

Can I exclude a marketplace or SKU from Review Automator?

No. It is not possible to exclude a SKU or marketplace from Review Automator. Once the tool is switched on, review requests will be sent for all marketplaces and SKUs with a valid MWS connection with ZonGuru.

Why isn't the number of Orders and Review Requests the same each day?

Reviews requests will be sent approximately 5-7 days after delivery to ensure your buyers have enough time to open, use and enjoy their purchase. For this reason, review requests aren’t sent the same day an order is made and you will notice a time delay between your ‘Orders’ and ‘Review Requests’ metrics.

How do I see who left a review?

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't share which buyer left a review for your product. We do however report the increase in reviews via your Review Automator graph and Product Pulse alerts tools so you’ll always be in the know when your review count changes.

If you have any other questions about Review Automator, please reach out to for a fast reply!

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