We all know by now that Amazon loves to play with the Terms of Service around messaging "their" customers. The recent updates really made it hard for you as a seller to reach out to a customer at all to request a review, luckily Amazon have created their own review request feature for sellers to take advantage of.

How to use the Review Automator

- Pretty self explanatory but this is the only place you should be even mention reviews with your customers anymore. The Review Automator has made it a seamless experience for you to be able to Bulk request reviews from your customers on any of your orders.
Learn all about it HERE

How to use Email Automator

OK, so you have requested a review with Review Automator so why do you need the Email Automator now?
Well you still need to be able to create that personal connection with your customer. You can do that by tailoring a personalised message that explains the story behind your brand or product, how they should best use it and the best way that the customer can reach you. (by messaging them through Amazon, no external emails or links)
Customers love to feel like your brand actually cares and is not just going to take their money and forget about them. Giving an A+ brand experience here will indirectly increase brand loyalty and your review rate!

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