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Email Automator vs Review Automator
Email Automator vs Review Automator

What is the purpose of each customer communication tool? Can I use both tools at the same time?

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Automation is key to ensuring you can spend your time on tasks that will move the needle for your Amazon business. That’s why it is important to leverage ZonGuru’s automation tools to not only engage your customers but to free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

The two main automation tools ZonGuru offers are Email Automator and Review Automator. While they sound similar it is important to note the key differences and understand how you can get the most out of each tool.

Keep in mind, both of these tools need your Seller Central email address connected to your ZonGuru account. If you need help with doing this check out this video.

Email Automator

The Email Automator tool is great for communicating with customers, building customer relationships, increasing customer engagement, and improving customer satisfaction.

It allows you to create your own email templates from scratch or use a pre-designed template from the ZonGuru library which you can then customize to suit your needs. There are also key features like the ability to choose who, when, and how often the emails are sent which allows you to effectively target your customers in a way they will respond positively to.

When using Email Automator, please keep in mind Amazon has very strict rules in their Terms of Service regarding buyer/seller communication and if you do not follow these rules you are at risk of being suspended or having other sanctions imposed on your account. We recommend reviewing this article to understand your obligations when communicating with buyers.


  • Communicate with customers

  • Build customer relationships

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Improve customer satisfaction

Use Examples:

  • Providing instructions (i.e setup, battery installation, best care practices)

  • Providing a value add (i.e a digital cookbook with recipes)

  • Showing different uses for your product

Learn more about Email Automator here.

Review Automator

Review Automator is a fantastic ‘set and forget' tool that does exactly what the name suggests. It will automatically send requests for reviews to your customers.

Once Review Automator is switched on it will work tirelessly in the background automating the entire review request process. You don’t need to open Seller Central or action the tool each month, it just gets to work saving you time and boosting your reviews.

The best part about Review Automator is that it sends review requests that are completely in line with Amazon’s Terms of Service so you don’t need to worry about being suspended or having sanctions imposed on your account.

For a full breakdown of the Review Automator tool, follow this link.


  • Gain reviews in compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service

Use Example:

  • Turn it on as soon as your product is live and then leave it to do its thing

Of course, if you have any questions about the ZonGuru tools please contact

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