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ZG Launch Score Location

Where do I find the ZG Launch Score? What is the ZG Launch Score?

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The ZG Launch score is the number of units sold you should aim to match or exceed on a daily basis during your product launch period (7-14 days) to rank on the first page for this keyword. This includes giveaway, organic, PPC and external traffic sales directly attributed to the keyword.

You can locate the ZG Launch score within Keywords on Fire. Once you have run a keyword search click on the table settings icon:

Ensure ‘ZG Launch’ is selected and click Apply.

The ZG Launch number will appear for each of the keywords in your Keywords on Fire session. This is a really valuable metric as it gives you the goalpost for a successful product launch and helps with inventory planning, advertising strategies and of course your launch budget.

If you have any questions about the above please get in touch with the ZonGuru support team -

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