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Everything you need to know about the Keyword Tracker
Everything you need to know about the Keyword Tracker

In keyword tracker what do the dots mean, how do I change the top keywords, how do I add keywords, how do add my ASIN

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In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the Keyword Tracker and its new updates.

We now track products instead of individual keywords, simply input the ASIN's of the products that you want to keep track of and click +Add, we will then automatically populate a list of the most relevant keywords for those ASIN's.

  1. Top Keywords: These are the top three keywords identified by ZonGuru's Algorithm based on search volume, your position and a few other factors so you can see at a glance your most important keywords.

  2. Search Volume: The Search Volume for the particular Keyword that month.

  3. Position: The rank on the page that listings is sitting at currently

  4. Page: What page that ASIN can be found on currently eg: position one page on is the best selling product for that keyword

  5. See More: This will open up the graphs and give you more information on your keyword performance

  6. Add Keywords: You can add Individual Keywords that ZonGuru did not include from the start or that you have identified as long tail keywords

  7. Delete: Delete selected ASIN

  8. Star: Click the star icon to add a product to your Top Keywords

  9. 30 Day Trend: A graph showing daily movements of the selected ASIN, hover over the line to see the daily rank

  10. Dotted Line: A dotted line will appear when Amazon has not ranked that ASIN for that keyword for a period of time, this occurs frequently as Amazon is always testing.

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