The reason you may see differences in the data between the Niche Finder and the Chrome Extension is that Niche Finder has a TON of data that it is pulling from every keyword on Amazon! As you can imagine this takes a lot of time!

To save you precious time on your searches we update the Niche Finder periodically. Once you have found a potential niche run a search on that keyword with the Chrome Extension.

The Chrome Extension is pulling data from Amazon at the exact time you run a search so its the most up to date data available!

All of our product research tools are meant to be used in conjunction with each other,

Step 1 -  Cast a wide net and identify a potential niche with the Niche Finder
Step 2 - Analyse the current data with the Chrome Extension/Niche Rater
Step 3
- Check the seasonality and history of the Niche with Sales Spy
Step 4
- Find out what customers are saying about the product with Love/Hate

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