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What is the Competitor Positions Feature in Keywords on Fire
What is the Competitor Positions Feature in Keywords on Fire

An explanation on what the Competitor Positions feature does inside of Keyword on Fire

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The Competitor Positions feature of Keywords on Fire shows you who the top 25 listings are for your sessions search term and where they rank for individual Keywords.

You can hover over the hero image of a competitor to see that listings details which is shown in the above image.

Underneath the listings hero images you will see coloured numbers that tell you what position that ASIN is ranking for compared to the Keyword on the left.

for example this ASIN is ranked as the number 2 listing on page one for the keyword "digital alarm clock"

The colors allow you to at a glance to judge the competitiveness of a keyword and access whether that would be a keyword you would want to target with your campaigns.

Red =  Top 10 ranked listing
Orange = Listing ranked from 11 to and including 25
Light Green = Listings ranked from 26 to and including 50
Dark green = Listings ranked above 50
"-" (no number) = Listings that are not ranked 

You want to see lots of green or "-" not ranked to know that keyword is not very competitive and may be a keyword you want to target in your campaigns.

As always if you have any questions you can reach out to our Support team by clicking on the blue chat bubble to the right of your screen and we will be more than happy to help.

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