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What does 'LS' mean inside the Chrome Extension and how is it calculated? Why does my product have a low LS?

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Listing Strength (LS) is a score given to a listing out of ten total points. You can find this number as a column in the Chrome Extension between the average rating and BB Seller.

The LS is a sum of all the points that we deem important to a listing's perceived "strength". The total score is based on a number of different variables that make up a sum that is then divided to give an indicator of listing strength (0-10).

At a high-level the Listing Score takes the following into account:


  • Does the keyword used for the search on Amazon match the title exactly, or broadly? Depending on the type of match the score will be higher or lower.

  • Bonus points for every word in the search term that is in the title.

  • Bonus points for longer title utilizing more characters.


  • Points scored for more Bullet Points utilized, and maximizing the number of characters used in each bullet.


  • Listings will receive more points the more photos the listing utilizes.

  • Bonus points awarded for a video added.


  • Listings receive more points depending on the number of reviews that listing has. You will receive bonus points depending on various different tiers. For example:

  • 10-99 reviews 

  • 100-499 reviews

  • 500-999 reviews 

  • 1000+ reviews 


  • Bonus points are also awarded depending on the listing average review rating. Listings only receive points if the average rating is: between 4.3-4.7 stars, or over 4.8 stars. 

  • Bonus points are also added depending on the average score in relation to the total number of reviews (for instance, a listing that has 4.8+ average stars with 10 reviews will score less points than a listing with 4.8+ average stars with 30 reviews, etc.).

This is the basic outline for the Listing Score breakdown. If you still have questions please reach out to our dedicated support team!

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