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Are you allowed to ask for an Amazon review after a sale on Amazon?
Are you allowed to ask for an Amazon review after a sale on Amazon?

Best practices when thinking about Amazon email communication Terms of Service. How to ask for a review on Amazon.

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Amazon has terms of service (TOS) which are designed to protect both sellers and buyers on its platform. Essentially, they are a list of do’s and don’ts that sellers must adhere to when communicating with buyers. Just like most rules, there are consequences for breaking them!

The new TOS guidelines are a windfall for sellers with solid customer service strategies because now there is very clear direction on how to ask for reviews plus so much more! YES review requests are absolutely allowed!

When requesting reviews sellers should NEVER use:

  • Language that either incentivizes or persuades the buyer to submit positive product reviews or seller feedback

  • Language that requests removal or an update of an existing product review

  • Language that requests a product review only if they have had a positive experience with the product

  • A repeat request (per order) for a product review or seller feedback

In addition, Amazon prefers a consistent messaging experience for its customers and states review requests should NOT contain the below:

  • External links, unless they are secure working links (https, not http), necessary for order completion or links to Amazon

  • Attachments except for product instructions, warranty information, or invoices

  • Logos, if they contain or display a link to your website

  • Link to opt-out of messaging

  • Sensitive content in images or text (e.g. bare skin, violence/gore, adult/offensive language)

  • Tracking pixels or images

  • Email addresses or telephone numbers

  • Images of purchased products as Amazon includes those on your behalf

  • Images that do not relate to your brand or company

  • Accessibility issues as specified in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the Web Accessibility Initiative

  • Emojis

  • GIFs

  • Message margins over 20% max-width

  • Image or graphic sizes larger than 80% max-width

  • Overrides of Amazon’s default line height, font family, or font color

  • Fonts in more than three sizes

  • Message bodies that are centered or that otherwise override default text alignment settings

  • More than two line-breaks (spacing between paragraphs) in a row

  • Unsecure images (http instead of https)

  • Spelling errors or grammar issues

We encourage all sellers to take a proactive approach to TOS changes and regularly check in and self audit to eliminate the risk of noncompliance issues.

As always, if you have any questions please reach out to our helpful support team at

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