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What is the Buy Box? Can I Track Buy Box Changes for an ASIN?
What is the Buy Box? Can I Track Buy Box Changes for an ASIN?

What is the buy box on Amazon? Can I see who currently holds the buy box and when it changes?

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There are many business models available to Amazon sellers including private label, reselling, dropshipping, and handmade. Reselling is a popular option and involves sourcing products at wholesale or in bulk for a discount and reselling on Amazon for a profit.

To provide a streamlined buyer experience Amazon only allows one product listing per product. When multiple sellers are selling the same product they must use the same Amazon listing and compete for the Buy Box. The Buy Box is the purchase box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page.

In the example below, Mr. Egregious has won the Buy Box against two other sellers.

Amazon uses a number of factors to determine who wins the Buy Box including price and star ratings. Knowing when you win or lose the Buy Box is crucial as the seller who wins the Buy Box more often than not wins the sale.

You can track Buy Box changes using the ZonGuru Product Pulse tool. Simply add the ASIN you would like to track to Product Pulse and ensure the box is ticked for 'Buy Box Winner'. ZonGuru will monitor the listing and email you if/when the Buy Box changes.

Of course, if you have any questions on the above just reach out to

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