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ZonGuru Chrome Extension: Profit Calculator
ZonGuru Chrome Extension: Profit Calculator

How to calculate the profit potential of any Amazon product. Understand the costs involved with selling on Amazon.

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The ZonGuru Profit Calculator is the fastest way to uncover the profit potential of any Amazon product. Take a deep dive into expected costs to make sure you catch red flags early and set your launch up for maximum return on investment.

As you browse the Amazon website you'll notice the Profit Calculator widget displays the anticipated net profit for products in your search results. When something catches your attention you can launch the calculator and input specific rates and metrics to get a reliable view of a product's true potential.

Where do I find the Profit Calculator?

The Profit Calculator is found within the ZonGuru Chrome Extension. If you don't have the Chrome Extension installed click here for easy installation.

The Profit Calculator can be opened 3 different ways.

1. From the ZonGuru icon in the top right corner of Google Chrome (you must be on a listing page).

2. By clicking on the widget located in the top right of a listing’s image (you must be on a listing page).

3. Within the ZonGuru Chrome Extension data table.

How Do I Use The Profit Calculator?

The Profit Calculator is designed to be interactive. This is your opportunity to input real values and costs to calculate a reliable anticipated net profit position for any FBA product. When you launch the tool it will contain pre-filled metrics however we encourage you to overwrite these to suit your exact business requirements.

The below video is an over-the-shoulder view of the Profit Calculator in action.

When should I use the Profit Calculator?

The Profit Calculator is best used during the product validation stage. The tool will help sellers understand the costs associated with a potential product and what profit margins they can expect.

The Profit Calculator is also a great resource for existing sellers who want to increase their margins. Existing sellers can see what effect changing input costs, manufacturing quantities, and product dimensions can have on their bottom line.

What markets is it compatible with?

The FBA Calculator is compatible with all the markets ZonGuru currently integrates with (US, CA, MX, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, AU, IN).

What currency is the data displayed in?

The tool will display the currency relevant to the marketplace you are searching in. For example, if you are searching on the US marketplace the currency will be USD whereas if you are searching on the German marketplace the currency will be shown in Euros.

Can I export the data to CSV?

Yes! Simply click the CSV icon on the top right of the Profit Calculator tool. This is a great way to compare different products to assess which is likely to deliver the best profit margin.

What should I input into the Product Specifications section?

The product specifications section relates to the selling price, size, and dimensions of the product. Freight costs, duties, and Amazon fees are calculated based on these inputs.

Product Specifications Glossary


Selling price on Amazon.


The product package length, width, and height.


Total weight of the product including product packaging.

What should I input into the COGS (cost of goods sold) section?

The COGs section relates to the costs associated with manufacturing the product and shipping the goods to a 3PL or Amazon warehouse.

Cost of Goods Sold Glossary

Target Units Quantity

Amount of units to be ordered from the manufacturer.

Unit Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing cost per unit including product packaging.

Freight Type

The type of freight used to transfer products from the supplier to Amazon warehouse or 3PL. This can include sea, air, per unit, or container load.

Duties and Tariffs

Taxes the government imposes on goods imported from another country. Please check this rate with your freight forwarder.

3PL Storage

Please untick this box if you're not using a 3PL.

Estimated Months in 3PL Storage

Estimated length of time products will be stored in a 3PL.

Storage Fees in 3PL

The estimated monthly 3PL storage fee.

Total COGS Per Unit

The total cost of goods sold per unit.

Total Investment

The total anticipated investment required to manufacture and import the target quantity of products.

What should I input into the Fulfillment Costs section?

The Fulfillment Costs section relates to Amazon's fees and charges. These fees include fulfillment as well as picking, packing, and shipping goods to buyers.

Fulfillment Costs Glossary

Inbound Shipping

The anticipated costs to ship goods from 3PL to the Amazon warehouse.

Est Months in Amazon Storage

The anticipated length of time a product is stored in an Amazon warehouse.

Referral Fee

The Amazon selling category that best suits your product.

FBA Fulfillment Fee Category

The Amazon fulfillment category that best suits your product. Ie, dangerous goods, apparel, products with batteries, or other.

Advertising Costs

The anticipated cost for Amazon Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Other Costs

Any other expenses (Xero subscription, Amazon agency fees, sourcing agent fee, ZonGuru subscription, etc).

Where can I see the anticipated profit and return on investment?

The anticipated profit metrics are visible at the bottom of the Profit Calculator. These profit metrics will update in real-time as you adjust the calculator settings. The results are color-coded to help guide your product validation process.

Profit Per Unit

Net profit estimate in the dollar amount of the marketplace.

Profit Margin

Profit margin as a percentage of sales.

ROI per Unit

Return on Investment (ROI) per unit expressed as a percentage.

If you have any questions about the Profit Calculator please email

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