Are you looking for a way to monitor your sales in one easy-to-use Mobile App? Zonguru is here to help keep your finger on the pulse of your Amazon business and celebrate your sale milestones with in-app notifications.

The Zonguru Mobile App is an organizational tool for Amazon Sellers seeking to easily track and analyze their listings. It will detail how your profits break down throughout all of your connect markets and provide valuable metrics showing how your business is growing -- all in real-time!

To install this app, simply search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Zonguru Seller App and install it on your mobile device. To get your app connected to your listings in Seller Central, simply:

  1. Open the Zonguru app

  2. Click on the person icon in the top right of the app

  3. Click to add the appropriate region and follow the prompts

Set sales notification preferences:

  1. Open the Zonguru app

  2. Click on the bell icon in the top right of the app

  3. Select your selling region

  4. Select your market

  5. Toggle turn notifications to on

  6. Click per 'Sale or per Milestones' to set notifications

  7. Select the notification sound you prefer for each available notification


Is the ZonGuru app compatible with Amazon Australia?

No, at this stage the mobile app isn't compatible with Amazon Australia. This is something we are working towards releasing shortly.

Is the ZonGuru app compatible with Andriod devices?

Yes, the mobile app is fully compatible with Andriod devices. Just ensure you have your notification settings enabled for the app. This is managed within your phone settings app - apps & notifications - notifications. More information is available here.

Can I connect multiple apps to the same Seller Central account?

Yes, if you have a business partner who also wants to use the mobile app you can both instal and connect to the same Seller Central account. To ensure notifications work correctly please ensure each user has a separate ZonGuru mobile app login.

I have connected my Seller Central Account to my ZonGuru web-based platform login, do I need to do it again?

Yes, the mobile app operates independently of the ZonGuru web platform.

There is a delay between when I make a sale and receive a sales notification.

It is common to experience a minor time delay between making a sale and receiving a sales notification. As you can appreciate there is a tremendous amount of data being collected however the delay should not be longer than one hour.

You are all set now to stay informed and monitor your Amazon business!

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