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ZonGuru Customer Referral Program
ZonGuru Customer Referral Program
How do I refer a friend? What is the customer referral program? What benefit will I receive from referring users to ZonGuru?
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Life is better with friends! Are you enjoying ZonGuru and want to share the good vibes with like-minded Amazon sellers?

Having friends join ZonGuru can benefit everyone; not only do you both gain access to a powerful seller toolkit but it presents an amazing opportunity to brainstorm ideas and share knowledge from one central platform.

Refer friends to ZonGuru today, and as a bonus, you’ll get $288 free credit.

How does the ZonGuru customer referral program work?

It's super simple. All current paid ZonGuru subscribers can benefit from this program:

  1. You, as an existing user, refer new subscribers to ZonGuru.

  2. The new user starts an annual subscription with ZonGuru & pays for their first year.

  3. After you have referred three new users who start an annual subscription within a 12 month period and you will receive $288 credit into your ZG account.

For example:

  1. Jane is a ZonGuru user

  2. Jane refers Mary, Bob and Paul.

  3. Mary, Bob, and Paul sign up & pay for their first years subscription within a 12 month period.

  4. Jane receives $288 credit in her ZonGuru account

How will ZonGuru know I referred the new user?

When a new user signs up to ZonGuru they are asked how they found us. Here the new user can select 'Friend' and insert your details.

When will I receive my referral credit?

You will receive your $288 credit on your ZonGuru account 30 days after your three friends have paid for their first years subscription.

Please note, if your friend does not start a paid subscription you will not receive a credit. Likewise, if your friend cancels their subscription within the first 30 days the referral will not be counted. All three referrals must be made within a 12 month period.

Can my referral credit be cashed out?

No, referral credits will remain on your ZonGuru account to be offset against future invoices.

How many people can I refer to Zonguru and still get rewarded?

The more the merrier! You can refer as many new users to Zonguru as you’d like and receive a $288 credit for every three annual subscribers in a 12-month window.

Is there are link I can send my friend to find out more?

Absolutely! To find out more about our toolset as well as to start a free 7-day trial check out -

If you have any other questions about the referral program please drop us a line at

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