Depending on the level of your subscription you will have different sessions limits for each tool. This article will break down exactly how each of those limits work.

Niche Rater, Listing Optimizer, Easy Source, Business Dashboard, Review Automator, Your Orders and Product Monitor

Sales Spy, IP Monitor

You can track a specific number of products/keywords at any time, if you are on the starter plan you can track 75 products at a time. If you want to track another product simply delete one of the current products/keywords that you no longer are interested in.

Niche Finder, Love/Hate, Keywords on Fire, Keywords Spotlight, Keywords Tracker, Email Automator

This tool's limit uses a rolling 30 day time period which means that you'll regain access to whatever you use today exactly 30 days from today.

For example if you used 3 sessions on the 10th of April and 5 on the 15th of April you would get 3 session back on the 10th of May and the other 5 on the 15th of May.

They will no reset on the calendar month.

If you need higher limits for this tool click here to add more!

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