Million Dollar Product Challenge

Check Out the Million Dollar Product Challenge. Jon and Darren are Joined by Expert Guests to Prepare you for Success on Amazon!

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Do you want access to our 4-part video series breaking down the secret, data-centric method we personally use to scale our business and rack up conversions?

Then it’s time to join our resident FBA experts Jon and Darren as they (and surprise 7-figure seller guests!) show you how your first million-dollar product is a lot closer than you think!

Video 1: Learn how the Amazon marketplace has evolved and how you can use our data-centric methods to stay ahead of the curve.

Video 2: Darren and Jon demonstrate effective packaging and product differentiation techniques that help you stick out from the competition.

Video 3: Discover where to find powerful, money-making, long-tail keywords you don’t have to fight over to own and how to craft effective copy that utilizes them.

Video 4: Advanced tips for scaling your business to meet increased demand.

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